Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Is it pet vs. plant in your home?

We love our pets and we love our plants but we need to be mindful when they are going to co-exist in the same space. Sure, Cleo or Rover may be like family to you, but just because we love tomatoes and parsley doesn’t mean they can enjoy them too. Human-safe does not equal pet-safe! Pick the perfect plants that will be safe for your furry friends; even if they nibble on your plant babies.


Pet-safe tips


More on pet-friendly plants

To create a welcoming haven for pets, pick safe, non-toxic plants. Also, get creative with plant placement to minimize temptation: Consider hanging plants that are more than a cat’s leap away; use heavier pots to prevent digging; or simply place plants in rooms that are off-limits to pets. Here’s a fun one: Place catnip next to your favorite plant to distract your hungry kitty. Just remember, if your pet ever does ingest a plant, monitor them closely for signs of a negative reaction. Thanks for being the best pet and plant parent that you can be!



African Violet





First Diamond Chinese Evergreen



Aglaonema 'First Diamond'

Fittonia albivenis (dwarf)



Anthurium andraeanum