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Kalanchoe millottii

Kalanchoe beharensis
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Aka Elephant Ear Kalanchoe. Olive Green Leaves.
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Container Size:
4" container
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Quick Facts

  • Dramatic Color and Texture
  • Compact Form, Dramatic Foliage Color, Easy Care, Tolerates Poor Soils, Waterwise, Year-round Interest
  • Container, Ground Cover, Houseplant, Rock Garden


Aka Elephant Ear Kalanchoe. Olive Green Leaves.

Weight: 2 lbs

Container Size: 4" container



Container Size:

About This Plant




Leaf Time of Year

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Plant Care Tips

Planting Instructions
Dig a hole at least twice the diameter of the root ball and 1.5 times deeper. Amend heavy soils with gravel, coarse sand, or a cactus and succulent mix to improve drainage. Return a few inches of soil mixture to the planting hole. Remove the plant from the container and gently tease out the roots on the surface of the root ball. Plant with the top of the root ball at ground level. Back-fill around the root ball with the rest of the soil mixture, gently firming it in as you go, and build a short berm of soil around the plant to create a watering basin. Water the plant thoroughly to settle the soil around the roots. Water new plants lightly but frequently to avoid rotting the roots. Check for water needs every few days to once per week. Mulch with gravel to improve drainage of water from the base of the plant.
General Care Description
Provide lean, loose, well-drained, sandy soil. Thrives in full sun in cool coastal areas; protect from reflected heat and harsh afternoon sun in hot summer areas. Water regularly in first growing season to establish root system. Once established, tolerates drought, particularly in cooler regions. Avoid excess water during cooler months.

Effort of Care


Soil Type

Fast-draining, gritty soil low in organic matter

Growth Rate


Light Needs

Full sun results in more compact and colorful growth, but plants may require light afternoon shade in hot summers.

Water Needs

Once established, water occasionally; more in extreme heat or containers.

USDA Hardiness Zone


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Greenery - Kalanchoe millottii