Purple Magic Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia 'Purple Magic' Patent: PP23906
POS ID: 112257
Delicate and frilly, purple blooms emerge in the beginning of summer providing gorgeous color through the season.
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Container Size:
3 gallon
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Quick Facts

  • Provides vibrant summer color
  • Sun lover
  • Disease and pests resistant


Delicate and frilly, purple blooms emerge in the beginning of summer providing gorgeous color through the season.

Patent: PP23906

Weight: 20 lbs

Container Size: 3 gallon



Container Size:

About This Plant



Leaf Color




Mature Height

Up to 120 inches

Mature Width

Up to 120 inches

Landscape Uses

Flowering, Hedges & Privacy, Patio & Containers, Firescaping


Leaf Lifespan


Leaf Time of Year

Spring, Summer, Fall

Life Cycle


Bloom Time

Summer, Fall

Bloom Color


Plant Care Tips

Planting Instructions
If soil in container is dry, water plants prior to planting. Dig a hole at least twice the diameter of the root ball and 1.5 times deeper. Mix fertilizer or compost into the soil and return a few inches of soil mixture to the planting hole. Remove the plant from the container and gently tease out the roots on the surface of the root ball. Plant with the top of the root ball at ground level. Back-fill around the root ball with the rest of the soil mixture, gently firming it in as you go, and build a short berm of soil around the plant to create a watering basin. Water the plant thoroughly to settle the soil around the roots. Keep new plants well-watered the first summer, checking for water needs daily or every other day. Covering the root ball and area around the plant with 1-3 inches of mulch will help keep roots cool and conserve moisture. Keep mulch from touching tree trunks and plant stems.
General Care Description
Flowers will rebloom towards the end of the season if spent flowers are deheaded.

Effort of Care


Soil Type

Will grow in most soil types, though it will do best in a righ and loamy soil with good drainage

Growth Rate


Light Needs

Best flowering in Full Sun, can tolerate times of Partial Sun.

Water Needs

Once mature, your Myrtle will be relatively drought-resistant. However, younger trees will require their soil to be at least damp at all times for best maturation.

Disease and Pests

Powdery mildew is common, but this Myrtle is generally resistant to pests and diseases more common in its relatives. With regular inspection, most diseases and pests should be easy to spot and remedy.

USDA Hardiness Zone


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